Tips to Plan Your Perfect Bathroom Renovation

Planning a new bathroom is not always easy as there are many things you will have to factor into your idea for your dream design. There are definitely some pitfalls to avoid and some things that most people usually don’t think about. Luckily here at Tradepro, we have installed thousands of kitchens and renovated thousands of bathrooms so we have experts to help you with the process, but if you need a little help in the meantime here are some pointers to help you design your perfect bathroom whatever the space or budget.

Know Your Needs

This might sound obvious but just choosing elements and where to put them might not get you what you want. The differences between a spa style sanctuary, a guest bathroom and a family bathroom are huge, not just in how they function but also the budget. Don’t think about how you use your bathroom now, think about how you want to use it, in the future.

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Measure Up Your Space

Accurately measuring up is a great place to start. This will give you clear ideas on what you can and cannot do and will help you to avoid planning for something that won’t fit or isn’t practical. Factor in doors, door frames, window sills, walls etc. Leave space between each element and factor for more than one person. Bear in mind moving toilets etc will require more plumbing.

Choose a Layout

Once you have measured up you can finalise your desired layout before the design and finish comes in. This will help you with the first aspect of knowing how you want the room to function. A good layout is crucial to the whole success of the project and will make the biggest impact. Don’t change anything for the sake of it though, as mentioned earlier, extra plumbing means extra cost. Reversing a door could make all the difference to a layout and is easily overlooked.

Maximise your Space

This can be easily misinterpreted as filling every nook and cranny when actually we mean the opposite. Being realistic and not trying to cram too much in is important as this will make it less functional. Overfilling will make your bathroom seem small and change the feel completely. Allow space between all the elements.


Over filling your bathroom space as well as increasing the things that will generate steam and humidity will affect the ventilation. Think about your window and what that allows. If you’re adding a shower or bath then your airflow will need to be increased. Ceiling extractor fans will help hugely.

Ask The Experts

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Tradepro’s years of experience will be a massive help in designing your prefect bathroom renovation. We can save you a lot of time by setting you on the right path with not only ideas on planning, but budgets and the all important design and finish of your bathroom.

Tradepro can even assist you by showing a 3D panoramic design of your new bathroom.