Common Bathroom Renovation Questions Answered

Any big renovation to your home is an exciting thing, and with it will come many choices and decisions, which can also mean many questions. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most important rooms in the house so it’s important to plan your renovation accordingly.

Let’s look at some important and common questions to consider when planning a bathroom renovation.

Bathtub - Freestanding or Built-In? Pros and Cons

Currently, trendy freestanding baths have their benefits like giving the bathroom the feel of more space, being able to be positioned anywhere (extra plumbing may be required) and looking stylish and  luxurious. They will however need more space around the edges (for cleaning) where they are near a wall (80mm minimum), will be higher so not so great for kids. They will also possibly require more tiling. They tend to work best in bigger bathrooms but with careful positioning, they can work well in smaller bathrooms too.

Built-in (inset) baths can hold and store items on their surround, work better when combined with a shower, obviously require less tiling and are easier for parents bathing children but are also easier to clean. However, they will often need to be placed using one corner which may possibly restrict your layout options.

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Open Shower or Framed Shower? Pros and Cons

Open showers look great and are obviously larger, they have a simple minimal design, usually of tempered glass dividing panels. Over time they will require a bit more cleaning unless you have chosen the best glass coatings to stop watermarks, but they also require more ventilation as the steam will escape everywhere into the bathroom.

Framed showers may seem dated but there are many design options to make them look great. They are also space saving and very budget friendly. Cleaning can be a pain because of the reduced space but you can often fit one in with a bath where you may not be able to with an open shower.

In Wall Cistern for Toilet? Pros and Cons

An in-wall cistern not only saves space but can transform the look of your bathroom, especially if you are going for an uncluttered simple modern design. They are a bit more hygienic and require less cleaning, but they are also more difficult and time consuming to fix if you have a problem or fault. If you tile over the top then this is going to restrict access if an issue arises, you may also need a partition wall so you will lose a bit of space. The whole design requires more work so is more costly, but it can definitely be worth it.

Single or Double Vanity? Pros and Cons

A double vanity is seen as a major luxury as it requires more space, but really with some clever custom cabinetry and the use of the right basins and taps, this can be easily achieved in even modest sized bathrooms. A double vanity means 2 people can use the bathroom at the same time which in a busy or large household can be a great bonus. You’ll get less bench space, but again, with clever use of shelves, recesses and cabinets this can easily be overcome. A double vanity will require more plumbing and fittings and so is going to impact the cost, but if the need is there, then the benefits are quite big.