Home Modification - Maudsland

A successful case of Home Modification by Tradepro. 


Thank you to Crystal Robertson (BOccThy-Hons) a Senior Occupational Therapist at Whole Therapy who has graciously agreed to assist us with providing an understanding of why people might need modifications to their home and how Tradepro can assist.


Crystal explained that there is one main reason that an Occupational Therapist might suggest home modifications for a patient. This is to facilitate a participant to engage in their meaningful and necessary occupations through the removal of environmental barriers. She noted that OTs always strive to enable the participant and their carers (when relevant) to complete their daily activities in a safe manner that optimises independence wherever able. 


In the instance of this particular modification, Crystal liaised with the participant and his wife to establish what was important to them and asked them to identify any issues they were having in their present home environment. She then completed a home environment review, equipment review, and functional review of the participants’ current and expected future needs. 


Through this collaborative process Crystal and the participant identified all of the areas of the home that needed adjusting; they considered the disability specific design features, yet also integrated the personal touches that were needed to maintain the homely feel. 


Ultimately, we created a large open plan wet area shower with accessible toilet, suitable storage and well placed fittings to facilitate comfort, safety, and ease in personal care tasks. Doorway openings, flooring, circulation space, access to areas for grooming, drying and dressing tasks all came into consideration. Attention to detail was paramount, they also made recommendations for accessible light switches and environmental controls to ensure all aspects of the participants’ daily routines were no longer affected by environmental barriers. 


Whole Therapy has worked closely with TradePro for some time. TradePro have a strong understanding of disability specific design. They provide a professional service and are happy to go the extra mile to help make what is usually a disruptive time as comfortable as possible. In this participant’s case, TradePro were happy to help relocate the participants furniture into another area of the home for the period of the modifications. The builders were also careful to use alternate access points and put up plastic sheets to reduce the dust and disruption in the living areas. This was particularly important as the participant had limited support networks, a vulnerable respiratory system, and the build was completed during the time of COVID-19.


The participant is now able to fit his large equipment items within his bathroom with greater ease. This has increased the likelihood of him gaining independence in his personal care tasks through better positioning and well placed supports. It has also reduced the risk of carer strain and injury through eliminating the need for suboptimal reaching and bending in small spaces. All of this has allowed areas to become safer and easier to use, facilitating continued daily living in the home.


The Tradepro team completed the work in a prompt manner and to a high standard. They maintained a good relationship with the participant and his wife through the process and were available to answer questions when Crystal had them. Crystal and Whole Therapy were very happy with the finished result and they will continue to use TradePro for minor and major home modifications.