Tradepro Installations

Tradepro offers a payment plan option through Certegy Ezi-Pay

tradepro offers a payment plan option through Certegy Ezi-Pay so you can make a purchase and pay for it over time in convenient fortnightly installments.

One of the great benefits of a Certegy Ezi-Pay payment plan is that you never pay interest on the amount you owe. You will pay an establishment fee between $35 and $90 to set up your account, and this is payable over the term of the plan. There is a monthly account keeping fee of $3.50 which will be direct debited whilst your account remains active and a $2.95 payment processing fee that is included with each fortnightly payment. You know exactly how much you will get charged as long as you stick with your payment schedule, best of all there is No Interest Ever!

It’s easy to apply. You can either apply at a No Interest Ever! retailer as you are making your purchase or you can apply online before you shop. Your application will be assessed by our standard credit approval process.

Please note the maximum payment plan amount you may apply for with your tradepro purchase is $5000 at a maximum term of 18 months. tradepro also requires a 10% deposit on all purchases separate from the Certegy Ezi-Pay payment plans. Please see below payment plan purchase price amounts with corresponding terms for your information.

Purchase PriceDeposit AmountTerm (Months)Fortnightly Term
$1 - $1,50010%613
$1,501 - $3,00010%626
$3,501 -$5,00010%1839

Tradepro Installations

Are there any charges for using Certegy Ezi-Pay Express?

Certegy Ezi-Pay will open an account for you when you take your first payment plan. You pay an initial fee to set up your account and then ongoing fees for account management and payment processing.

Establishment Fee$70One off – (added to the balance and paid as part of the fortnightly repayment)
Payment Processing Fee$2.95Fortnightly – or when each payment is processed
Account Keeping Fee$3.50Monthly

What are the minimum conditions for approval?

For home improvements, if your purchase is to be fixed or added to your property then you must also be the homeowner.

If you don’t meet these conditions your application may be approved but Certegy Ezi-Pay will ask for more information in order to assess your circumstances in more detail.