What are The Benefits of Having Professionally Drawn-up Kitchen or Bathroom Plans?

Do you need professionally drafted kitchen or bathroom plans at all? Can’t you just do your own and hand them over? It’s not a simple question as it depends on your situation and what you’re trying to achieve, so let’s look into when and why properly designed plans would be beneficial.

Do You Need Any Plans at All?

This is a good question as many people will have had successful renovations done without any plans. It all depends on size or scale.

Remodelling where you aren’t moving major elements is mostly an aesthetic process that doesn’t necessarily need complex plans.


Size Matters

For small bathrooms and kitchens, again, if you aren’t moving the main utilities like walls, windows, baths, toilets, sinks, cookers and fridges etc, then there are fewer options and most companies can get by making their own internal notes from your descriptions. Their own experience will enable them to successfully achieve your aims and if anything comes up they will liaise with you during the process.

Planning is Exciting and Creative

Doing your own plans for a bathroom or kitchen remodel or renovation is quite exciting especially when you are working with larger spaces and budgets. When extending rooms and moving all the important things then planning how it will look and where things will be, is an enjoyable and creative process, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Once you have started liaising with kitchen or bathroom renovators then things can start to get a little more complicated.

Ultimately there is nothing wrong with drawing up your own plans, in fact, you should, but it’s worth noting that the visual design is what most people focus on and the underlying construction is what will get done by professional renovators, so there is a big difference and this is where the complications tend to start.

Planning Differences

We’ve already discussed the mistakes to avoid when planning a kitchen, but what we’re talking about here is the benefit of your renovation company being involved when the project is of a reasonable size. If you have spent a fair amount of time on your design and then you hand it over to professionals for quotes a few things might happen. Uncaring and unscrupulous companies will just build what you want regardless, and on the surface, this might seem ok, but underneath there may be lots of problems and issues, and they will just say “we did what you asked” when you start to complain about the obvious problems with layout and functionality

Many people don’t want to have their plans altered after having spent so long on them, but the truth is that a good renovation company will be helping you to avoid all the above potential issues, by redesigning with you which can change many things like budget, layout, functionality, timescale, look and feel etc.

Plan With Your Renovation Company

The obvious compromise is to work with a professional kitchen or bathroom renovation company during the process. They will help with two main things. Avoiding mistakes like having doors in the wrong places, walls that aren’t possible, huge plumbing and rewiring bills etc, but also by making this process more cost-effective. They’ll still help you get your dream kitchen or bathroom, but on time, in budget, and it will work as beautifully as it looks.