Technology Trends That Are Revolutionising Kitchens

Smart home technology is beginning to permeate its way more and more into our lives and homes increasing the convenience in our lives. Kitchens are no exception and there are many new kitchen appliances that have smart technology built into them. It’s worth setting aside some budget so you can incorporate smart technology into your kitchen renovation project. Let’s look at some of the leading kitchen technology trends happening now.

Water Temperature Sensors

Colour-coded water temperature sensors can make it easy for you to avoid being scolded by water that’s too hot coming from the tap. This is especially handy for kids or the elderly who may not be able to get the hot/cold balance right on mixer taps. They’ll also work on single-feed hot taps too as the temperature changes, starting with green for cold, blue for warm and red for hot. Simple and effective.

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Smart Ovens

The latest generation of smart ovens have features you may not have even considered before your renovation. Most people don’t change their ovens very often so imagine an HD camera to easily see inside, and apps that connect to your devices to control the oven from wherever you are. Some even check the weight and adjust the temperature and time according to what you’re cooking. Placing a stew or casserole in one and starting it knowing when you will be home can save a lot of time.

Smart Fridges

Imagine being able to see inside your fridge from anywhere, especially in the supermarket. Are you out of milk? Hang on I’ll just check! Newer fridges can even keep track of expiry dates which is handy for most people but particularly the elderly. Link the content of your fridge to your shopping list too to automatically add items you’ve run out of increasing the convenience and saving time.

Smart Taps

Motion sensing taps aren’t new, but the costs had traditionally reserved their use for public utilities or large offices. Now available for home, you can start washing very dirty hands without getting the taps wet. They can also be voice-activated, so you don’t overfill the kettle. They can also monitor how much water you use to help manage your usage.

Smart Everything!

Smart tech is transforming households with many of us already benefitting from and experiencing the convenience of this technology. There are now a whole host of small dedicated smart appliances that connect directly to Alexa or equivalent.

Almost every appliance imaginable will be available with some form of smart technology from bread makers, to slow cookers or pressure cookers, kettles and even coffee machines. The ways of utilising these in your kitchen are endless so speak to your local kitchen renovator about how best to incorporate the larger ones into a kitchen renovation and take your life into the 22nd century.