How To Maximise Space in a Laundry Room

Most Australian homes nowadays have a dedicated laundry room, but it’s easy for them to become untidy and awkward spaces if they become cluttered. Most people (especially families) require more space as life goes on so it’s quite easy for your once beautiful laundry room to become a cluttered, crowded, impractical mess. With a little thought though, these great space-saving ideas are an easy way to remedy the situation.

Stack Your Washer and Drier

If you have a front loading washer and a drier then stacking them is an instant win. The most common unused space in any room is above counter height so safely placing them on top of each other makes sense. If you were using the top of these appliances as worktop space before then there are ways of reclaiming it that we’ll look at, but in a small room, it makes sense to stack them. Some of you may want a drier but didn’t think you had the space but in reality, you do.

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Wall Mounted Drying Racks

Drying space is probably the biggest issue for most people who don’t have gardens or when the weather isn’t coorperating. Many people don’t have a drier or want to reduce their energy bills so air drying is essential, in fact, some clothes can only be air-dried. The space for hanging clothes can be maximised with simple wall-mounted racks instead of using up valuable floor space with floor-based racks. You can also use the back of a door. When they’re not in use they can simply be pushed back flush to the wall. No more setting up and stowing racks when it’s rainy and making your room impossible to use.

Ceiling Mounted Clothes Rail

Suspending some simple bars from your ceiling is another way to use the height. Make sure that they can be reached comfortably and if they are above worktops then you have a simple way of drying and storing clothes that need ironing or are yet to be washed but are delicate and need to hold their shape so are to be hand washed etc.

Increase Your Storage With Cabinets

Getting more storage space for all your detergents and other household items is a must, and again, utilising the height in your laundry room is a way to achieve that. Shelves and cabinets that go right up to the ceiling will dramatically increase your storage. Custom cabinets, shelves and draws right up to the ceiling will give you so much more room. Remember that your room becomes useless if you use the floor space badly, so even you need a small footstool or step ladder to get to the top cupboards, this is still a big win, especially if you store items you don’t need that often higher up.