Designing a Stylish and Accessible Bathroom: 5 Tips for a Beautiful Space

Are you planning to design a bathroom or remodel your existing one? Consider the importance of creating a mobility accessible bathroom that is both functional and stylish. With an aging population, more people are opting to stay in their family homes longer, making bathroom accessibility a priority. Tradepro Installations is a Proud NDIS registered provided and is here to provide you with five valuable tips to ensure your bathroom is both accessible and visually appealing.

1. Ensure Your Toilet is Versatile

When it comes to bathroom accessibility, it’s essential to future-proof your toilet. Install a toilet that can be retrofitted with a single flap, side-transfer seat without the need for a complete replacement. Soft close lids are popular for their convenience, and by choosing a toilet that can be easily modified in the future, you can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable seat now and make adjustments when necessary.

2. Get Creative with Colours and Materials

Say goodbye to the cold and clinical look typically associated with disability accessible bathrooms.  Coordinate the colour scheme with your tapware and accessories for a more cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Incorporating warm colour tones, natural materials like wood or stone and soft lighting can create a relaxing and visually appealing space.

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3. Choose the Right Basin

Selecting the appropriate basin for an accessible bathroom is crucial. While vessel basins are currently trendy, they may not be suitable for individuals in wheelchairs. Instead, consider wall or semi-recessed basins, which provide more space and accessibility for wheelchair users. Choose a beautiful ceramic semi-recessed basin to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom while ensuring functionality for all.

4. Optimise Storage with Wall Hung Options

Maximise space and ease of movement by choosing wall hung vanities and cupboards. These contemporary storage solutions can be fixed at a height that suits individual needs, accommodating accessibility requirements. Drawers within the storage units make it convenient for individuals with mobility issues to access their belongings without the need to lean or crouch down.

5. Separate Shower and Bath for Accessibility

While shower-over-bath combos may be popular, they can pose challenges for individuals with mobility issues. Consider a walk-in shower with no hob and a separate bathtub, if the space allows. No-hob showers offer easy access for wheelchair users and individuals at risk of falls and can offer a more open bathroom design. Adding wall supports during construction allows for future seating needs. With a wide range of tile, glass and fixture options available, you can transform your shower area into an urban chic, warm contemporary or spa-luxurious space.

Beautiful and Functional Accessible Bathrooms

Remember, creating an accessible bathroom doesn’t mean sacrificing style. With thoughtful planning, creativity and guidance from our experts, you can achieve a bathroom that seamlessly combines functionality and beauty.

Are you looking for assistance in designing a beautiful and functional disability accessible bathroom? Then get in touch with Tradepro Installations today and start designing your dream bathroom.