Biggest Reasons You Should Renovate Your Bathroom

We all know that a renovation is one of the best ways to breathe life into your home and increase your standard of living and therefore your happiness. Renovations come in all shapes and sizes and don’t necessarily mean reconstructing your whole bathroom from scratch. A lot can be done with a simple remodel or a small renovation too.

In 2014, the HIA-GWA Kitchens and Bathrooms Report released by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) stated that 70% of bathroom renovations were on bathrooms between 11-20 years old, so if your bathroom is in that range, it means you are likely considering it. Whilst there are many reasons to renovate a bathroom, we’re going to look at some of the biggest.

Renovating Will Fix All Existing Problems

Like everything in life, your bathroom ages, and with that not only comes wear and tear but faults, leaks as well as mould. A renovation will almost certainly fix all of these issues and more.

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Increased Storage

There are two main ways to increase your storage in a bathroom. To change the layout which then changes where you can have cabinets and use space more efficiently. Or, to have more cabinets either with furniture (which doesn’t always fit or blend in) or with cabinets as part of the renovation. Custom cabinetry can greatly increase your storage space along with changing the layout.

Update the Look

Styles change constantly and a big reason for many homeowners and especially new homeowners that have just purchased a house is that even a fully functioning and practical bathroom will be renovated if it just looks dated. Changing the aesthetics can often be easy and very affordable in a re-model. Walls and floors are the biggest factors in a bathroom’s overall look so tiling or wallpapering walls along with some new flooring can give your bathroom a whole new feel, especially with new fittings like taps or shower units.

Adding Functionality

Over the last decade or so there have been many new hi-tech advancements in bathrooms. Automatic taps, energy-saving lighting, water-saving flushes, electronic flushes, radiators, towel warmers and better windows for increased ventilation. All of these things can make your life easier whilst many can also make your home more efficient in the long term.

Increased Resale Value

Some homeowners will renovate their bathroom in order to sell it, but any renovation you do will add a huge amount (usually 80% initially and rising over time) to your property value. Kitchens and bathrooms add the most value by far for obvious reasons. So if you are tired of your bathroom but don’t have a long-term plan to stay in your current home then knowing that it will add resale value is a big factor.


As any parent knows, one of the most dangerous places for kids is the bathroom. There are many ways safety can be improved in bathrooms with handrails, anti-slip flooring and shower screens etc. All of these things can be factored into a bathroom remodel or renovation.


Whilst there are many reasons to renovate your bathroom (the size of your family being a big one), focusing on the bathroom aspects above, these are the biggest reasons to renovate. If you are ticking at least two or more of the above then it’s probably time you started speaking to your local bathroom company, prices may surprise you.