4 Ways to Create a Kitchen or Bathroom Space You'll Love For Years to Come

The most common rooms to transform your living space that will have the most impact are a kitchen or bathroom. Any renovation will be important as it will take a serious amount of our time, energy and money so you want to get it right. At the end of the day, it will be your function and design choices that make or break the space you are creating so here are some tips on how to set about getting it right before you enter the design phase.

Find a Reputable Renovator

This is top of the list really. Your renovators will determine the success of the project. A good company
will work with you and will understand what it is you are trying to achieve, help you avoid any pitfalls,
assist in the design stage and above all else do a high-quality job, on time and within your budget.
Finding the cheapest quote isn’t always the best place to start with such an important reno, so we
suggest you look at their portfolio and ask them some relevant questions, like:

• Have you renovated similar homes to mine?
• How do you calculate your quotes?
• How do you know they are accurate?
• How long will the whole project take?
• What happens if there are problems, or I want to make changes?

Trust is everything at the end of the day. Your renovators will become part of your family for a brief
period and you want your reno to turn out exactly as you imagined. Whoever you choose, you should
obviously check the technical aspects like skill level, finishing standards, qualifications and general
craftsmanship, but it’s just as important to have good communicators, problem solvers and experience.

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Consider Your Routine

Whether it’s a bathroom or a kitchen, if you want it to last, design it with a purpose, not just for visuals.Consider what you do most and how you use the space. If you are going to be moving things around then you need to get that right. A lot of renovations fail because of bad placement of islands, cookers, fridges, showers, baths, toilets etc. Your renovation company should help you with this but have a clear and simple idea of how you want the space to work and stick with it.

Invest in Quality

Use your budget on high-quality items that are the most important in the space. These will stand the test of time and make the space work and be enjoyable for years to come. Prioritise well, whether it’s appliances, worktops, flooring or custom cabinets, and make sure that your budget is spent on the things that are most important, not the least.

Think About Must Haves

Similar to the above, think about what you need, but also about what you don’t. This will affect your budget immensely and allow you to have better quality items that are the most important, so they’ll last a lot longer. If a rain shower is the most important, then that’s a priority so you should invest in it.