Assembly Services

Simplify the Kitchen Renovation Process with Tradepro’s Assembly Only Service

If you would like us to assemble your kitchen for you ready for you to install yourself, you can take advantage of our Assembly Only Service. For this offer, Tradepro will take delivery of the kitchen into our assembly facility for Queensland customers or assemble onsite in other regions.

This is where the kitchen will be assembled and checked prior to dispatch. We will then arrange for the kitchen to be delivered to site ready for installation. This service includes:
  • Receipt of kitchen into our Assembly Facility or if required we will collect the kitchen from the place of purchase
  • Checking all components against the picking list to ensure everything has been delivered
  • Confirmation that there is no damage or defects to any of the components
  • Assembly of the kitchen in line with Australian standards
  • Disposal of all packaging and waste leftover from assembly
  • Delivery of the kitchen into your home

Your renovation will become a lot less complex by engaging Tradepro to provide an Assembly Only Service.

Take Advantage of Tradepro’s Assembly Facility

If you have a few home renovation skills yourself and fancy installing your new kitchen, but don’t want the hassle of the assembly process, the team at Tradepro can deliver your kitchen to our facility for out Brisbane and Queensland customers and take care of the nitty gritty for you.

The skilled workmen at Tradepro will then deliver your shiny, new kitchen units to your home, all ready for you to install. This process is very affordable and enables you to get you a brand new shiny kitchen, but you share some of the work with the Tradepro professionals.

Save Time and Cash by Partnering with Tradepro

Life can be busy and expensive; this is why the Tradepro team identified the need for installation services that were flexible. Tradepro can fully renovate your kitchen and install it if that suits you, or you can partner with us and install your kitchen after we have assembled it for you.

Offering assembly services will allow you to get a professionally set-up stylish kitchen but cut back on costs with you installing it yourself. Tradepro are super experienced in kitchen assembly, you can rest assured all the parts will be checked for damage, put-together in line with Australian industry standards and delivered to you on time.

To take advantage of Tradepro’s skilled assembly services, call us today to work out a budget and timeframe that suits you.